Justice Update

Justice Update: Is Sudan’s Bashir ICC-bound?

This week it appeared that ousted Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir might be transferred to The Hague to face charges of crimes against humanity and genocide for his army’s crackdown in Darfur.
Janet and Stephanie talk through the latest developments.

Episode 15 – All the way to the top with Elies van Sliedregt

How can you prosecute military and civilian leaders for atrocity crimes? Leeds University professor Elies van Sliedregt helps unravel ‘modes of liability’ for genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity at international criminal tribunals

Justice Update

Justice Update – Holiday Haircuts

The Haircuts celebrate this holiday season with self-indulgence and a dose of self-mockery. Plus intern Hannah gives some super recommendations on what to watch and listen to.

Justice Update

Justice Update – ICJ and Myanmar Genocide

This has been extraordinary week at the International Court of Justice where lawyers argued about Gambia’s request for provisional measures against Myanmar under the Genocide Convention to protect the Rohingya muslim minority.

Menu – The ASP Series

Welcome! During the 18th edition of the Assembly of State Parties in The Hague we created a menu of content for all those international justice junkies with a big appetite, enough to satisfy your cravings for a whole day, at least. Enjoy!

Justice Update – Dessert at the ASP

Janet and Stephanie wrap up the annual meeting of the International Criminal Court – the ASP – with help from Emma Bakkum of PILPG, who has been monitoring discussions about a new strategic review.

Justice Update – Lunch at the ASP

Stephanie and Janet talk about whether judges will allow the ICC prosecutor to open an investigation in Afghanistan, which could open the way to tackle CIA torture programmes.

Episode 13 – Double Standards with Carla Ferstman

Janet and Stephanie explore the U.K.’s investigation into alleged war crimes committed in Iraq by British forces and the ICC probe into the same crimes with Carla Ferstman and hear from the UK’s director of service prosecutions Andrew Cayley

Justice Update

Justice Update – A busy week in court

Janet calls Stephanie to see what’s been going on with the Lebanon Tribunal, the Gbagbo case at the ICC and the a case about alleged Israeli war crimes in a Dutch court

Justice Update

Justice Update – Back to School

We’re back from the break and introducing our new Justice Update format where Janet and Stephanie talk current developments in the courts

Justice Update

Justice Update – Cake and Courts

We take a short break from other reporting duties to talk about India versus Pakistan at the International Court of Justice and celebrate the first two weeks of having the Asymmetrical Haircuts podcast up and running.