Episode 104 – Laws of War 101 with Janina Dill

Janina top left and Janet, with Stephanie below

These days lots of people think of themselves as International Humanitarian Law experts. Media and politicians call out alleged violations of IHL or declare actions to be in line with IHL. So we wanted to go back to basics for this episode with an actual IHL expert. Janina Dill is a Professor of Global Security at the Blavatnik School of Government of the University of Oxford. She’s also a Fellow at Trinity College and Co-Director of the Oxford Institute for Ethics, Law, and Armed Conflict (ELAC).  

We covered a lot of ground including what people don’t understand about IHL and/or the Geneva Conventions, the right to self-defence and the Genocide Convention. 

Janina recommends looking back at how the Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) grappled for the first time since Nuremberg with the conduct of hostilities, especially in cases like that against Galic. And – of course – we have a podcast for you about just that! Check out our chat with former ICTY trial attorney Carolyn Edgerton. That also reminds us why we made this podcast; it was a special request from friend of the pod Iva Vukusić. (And if you too want to ask for a podcast for you/your students/your organisation – just let us know what we are missing, and check out our Patreon page to buy us a coffee in return).

Janina (and to be honest Janet and Stephanie too) also recommends switching off with Bridgerton. Yes, we ship Polin! And Janina also rewatches Jane Austen – “a sedative”, she says.