Episode 11 – The Attraction of the World Court with Priya Pillai

Priya Pillai

Our ongoing Twitter womance with Priya Pillai got a IRL follow up when she came to The Hague for this episode. Priya tweets about international justice, war crimes and the occasional dog picture thrown in.

Or in our case a picture of the mugs we hand out to our guests for coming on the show.

We wanted to take a closer look at the kind of cases the International Court of Justice has been getting more and more of. Priya closely followed the India versus Pakistan case that we briefly touched in a previous Justice Update.

We jumped right in to discuss the current moves from the Gambia which has announced it wants to bring the Roghingya genocide in Myanmar to the ICJ. This idea is also supported by Canada after the lobbying of scholars John Packer and Payam Akhavan.

Stephanie wrote on the ICJ cases about U.S. Sanctions against Iran and the ongoing case between Qatar and the United Arab Emirates for Reuters when they happened.

Priya’s reading recommendation was Human Acts by Korean author Han Kang