Episode 67 – Staging an ICJ intervention with Juliette McIntyre

In late October this year 22 states have asked the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to intervene in the Ukraine-versus-Russia genocide case. Time for us to talk to self-professed ICJ procedure wonk Juliette McIntyre of the University of South Australia. 

We asked her why the sudden upswell of engagement on genocide, and we wanted to hear about states’ own interpretations of their obligations under the genocide convention.

We also wanted to get Juliette’s take on whether genocide was being committed in Ukraine and what kind of evidence has been emerging. Juliette has already got herself banned by Russia for her views, which you can also read in this article.

Juliette recommended Frank Moorhouse’s trilogy set around the League of Nations.

This podcast has been produced as part of a partnership with JusticeInfo.net, an independent website in French and English covering justice initiatives in countries dealing with serious violence. It is a media outlet of Fondation Hirondelle, based in Lausanne, Switzerland.