In Memoriam: Benjamin B. Ferencz

This week the international justice community has been brought together in mourning by the passing of Benjamin Ferencz. Ferencz served as the chief prosecutor for the United States Army during the Einsatzgruppen trial, one of twelve trials for war crimes and crimes against humanity part of the Nuremberg Trials. Later in his career Ferencz became a champion for the establishment of the International Criminal Court and will be remembered as a trailblazer for those seeking accountability for international crimes.

Ferencz played an inspiring role in the lives of many. In this podcast, we speak to some of those who knew him personally and professionally, as they pay tribute to him. Throughout his career and life, Ferencz preached the importance of making ‘law not war’, which is now inscribed on a bench outside the Peace Palace in The Hague – just one part of his legacy. If you want to check out more, he has a brilliant website:

Janet and Stephanie managed to get in touch with a number of International Justice insiders who had worked with Ferencz in the past and were willing to share some of their stories. We were also lucky enough to talk to Donald Ferencz who gave us some great insight into the life of his father and what we can all take from his legacy.