Justice Update – A busy week in court

Time to put the bubbly on ice? A Gbagbo supporter hoods up a bottle to toast his January acquittal

Janet calls Stephanie to see what has been going on: there was news from the ICC in the Gbagbo case where the prosecutor announced she would appeal the former Ivory Coast president’s acquittal.

Lebanese pm Saad Hariri speaking to journalists outside the Lebanon Tribunal

On the same day the Special Tribubunal for Lebanon (STL) which is trying five suspects in absentia in the Netherlands for the murder of Lebanese ex-prime minister Rafic Hariri in 2005, revealed the existence of separate indictment against their main suspect in the Hariri killing in another political murder.

Meanwhile in Dutch courts superstar humanitarian lawyer Liesbeth Zegveld is trying to launch a civil case on behalf of a Dutch national of Palestinian descent whose family in the Gaza strip was killed in an Israeli air raid.

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