Justice Update – Awful Anniversaries

OK we are back from our summer breaks with a bang. And the world has not stopped turning while we’ve been doing other things, so we had quite a bit to get through.

We cover some awful anniversaries. On Myanmar – do also read the symposium at Opinio Juris and watch this session run by Victims Advocates International, which brought together several of the accountability mechanisms in progress for survivors to ask their important questions. And for the massacre at Daraya Syria reading the results of an investigation by the Syrian British consortium is important. And of course, Ukraine, where there’s a lot we could suggest you watch and read. But if you’re like us, you’ve probably already done that. I’m especially enjoying the Justice Info series covering the actual trials on the ground in Ukraine.

What else do we mention? The actual International Court of Justice decision that, yes, they can hear the Gambia Myanmar genocide case. The continued debate on whether there may be a new aggression tribunal for Ukraine. And if you’re looking for stuff to watch/listen to, I hope you caught up with Margherita’s selection of past episodes – check them out here. And Stephanie was surprised to note that our Canada episode on cultural genocide stood the test of a relisten.

Meanwhile, we’ve both been binge-watching Extraordinary Attorney Woo in Korean on Netflix, and Janet’s been rereading Norman Lewis anthropologist extraordinaire The World The World, while Stef’s been reading Erin K Wagner’s An Unnnatural Life: “Murderbot meetsĀ To Kill a Mockingbird…an interplanetary tale of identity and responsibility” according to Goodreads.