Justice Update – Campaign for a new International Anti-Corruption Court

Four people in a zoom meetingThe campaign to establish an International Anti-Corruption Court – the IACC – has been bowling along rapidly since the first 100 world leaders signed the Declaration in support of the IACC in June 2021.

Over the past couple of years, working with international partners to establish the Court has become official foreign policy in both Canada and the Netherlands. The two countries, together with Ecuador and other partners, will hold a conference of ministers from many countries later this year on international efforts to tackle corruption, with particular focus on the IACC.

Integrity Initiatives International, the international non-profit behind the Declaration and coordinator of the campaign for the IACC, also announced in April that a total of 32 Nobel laureates have now endorsed the IACC initiative. Find the Declaration and its signatories list here.

But what’s it all about, why is it needed, what would it look like, what’s the model? Those are the questions Janet asked some of those involved in the campaign; international lawyer Maja Groff, and Justice Richard Goldstone.

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