Justice Update – Dinner at the ASP

The Justice Info event: Ecocide, the ICC and multilevel litigation for a global crisis

Every once in while at the International Criminal Court’s annual meeting – the ASP – you can see when ideas and concepts really get some traction. This year it was ecocide – which was everywhere – with at least three separate events.

Janet, Stephanie and Hannah went to the event, “Environmental Justice: Ecocide, the ICC and multilevel litigation for a global crisis”, hosted by our partners on this episode Justice Info and escaped the ASP convention centre for dinner and discussion at the aptly named Utopia cafe.

Ecocide falls under the umbrella term ‘environmental justice’, which also includes international environmental law, international humanitarian law, national jurisdictions, and now international criminal law and the ICC. In this short episode Janet and Stephanie discuss few of many attempts to get justice for environmental issues such as climate change. If we have to conclude something, it’s that there’s a myriad of creative ways to get justice and create awareness for this global climate crisis, and that we are most certainly going to report more on this in the future.

In the meantime, JusticeInfo have some great articles on ecocide, on environmental destruction as a war crime or crime against humanity, on how it affects indigenous communities and how – potentially – the prominence of environmental justice is helping to shift some international law concepts into including ‘mother earth’ as a legal person. Check out their work on environmental justice reporting here.

Please do share your thoughts on who might be suitable for an in-depth interview by the haircuts, into ecocide and international environmental law. Enjoy the Justice Update!

This podcast has been published as part of a partnership between Asymmetrical Haircuts and JusticeInfo.net. JusticeInfo is an independent website covering news on justice related to mass violence, so as to promote reconciliation and fight impunity in societies facing serious crises . It is a project of Fondation Hirondelle