Justice Update – Happy 2024

New Year = New Us? No, in our case, it’s more of the same.

But there’s so much conflict happening, so much debate on accountability, so much international justice going on, whether at the International Criminal Court, the UN’s top court the International Court of Justice, or domestically with universal jurisdiction cases becoming so widespread, or local prosecutions of war crimes and crimes against humanity in places like Ukraine and maybe Gambia, we won’t run out of newsworthy topics.

And with our interviewees’ help, we’ll also be covering the big issues and asking how the systems are working or not and whether victims are getting the justice they deserve after major international crimes. To help us parse 2023, look ahead to 2024 and tell us what the main challenges are, we enlisted the help of Lian Buan, Molly Quell, Iva Vukusic, Mark Kersten, Sharon Nakandha and Liz Evenson. And of course they shared their viewing/reading, and listening suggestions for you too. Enjoy!