Justice Update – Holiday Haircuts

Tis the season for self-indulgence (and a little self-mockery?): our present to you is a little extra episode for the holidays. Our intern Hannah, who is leaving us for another exciting new internship in Brussels, turns the table on Janet and Stephanie. We get interviewed about why we decided to start this podcast and what shows we listen to.

We also finally got to ask Hannah what she is reading, watching and listening to. Spoiler alert: we were not disappointed and Stephanie is now also hooked on My Favorite Murder . And she just lost 10 minutes she will never get back googling for the opposite of ‘early adopter’.

If you got this far in the blog, you’re definitely an ‘early adopter’ of Asymmetrical Haircuts. Thanks so much for listening to us and spreading the word.

We have some nice interviews lined up already for the next year – what happens after you return home to the DRC after being sentenced by the International Criminal Court, how the idea of command responsibility is evolving and what’s happening with the United States/war crimes in Afghanistan – to name a few.