Justice Update – ICC’s Khan Applies for Arrest Warrants Israel and Hamas

Karim Khan, flanked by Brenda Hollis and Andrew Cayley

So finally after many many months of speculation, the International Criminal Court’s prosecutor Karim Khan has applied for arrest warrants in the Palestine situation.

His move has reverberated around the world. Many states have said they support him or respect the independence of his office. But others are less keen.

The potential arrest warrants – against five individuals: three Hamas leaders and the Israeli prime minister and defence minister – are now to be decided by three ICC judges.

For all the details of what we know, how it happened, what to expect now (and a bit of ‘seismic’ ‘watershed’ types of comments when we couldn’t quite express how absolutely f—ing major this is), we have this podcast.

Luckily, just like the prosecutor got his homework marked by Ted Meron, Amal Clooney and Adrian Fulford, we contacted a different range of ‘great and good’: we bring you short comments from professors and experts like Melanie O’Brien, Chantal Meloni, Barrie Sander, Alonso Gurmendi, Lucy Gaynor and Guissou Nia. Thank you all so much!

This clearly won’t be the last time we examine this issue. As always, let us know what questions you’d like answered and we will do our best to help you out.

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