Justice Update – Khan meets the press and the ICC states

ICC prosecutor Karim Khan talks to the press in December 2021

Another justice update, this time from the corridors of the International Criminal Court’s annual assembly of states parties or ASP. We get into Karim Khan’s first time meeting the The Hague-based journalists covering the ICC as prosecutor. We’d seen him before as a lawyer for victims and some suspects in other ICC cases.

To help us parse Khan’s statements to the press we invited Molly Quell from American legal news service Court House News, Twitter’s “grated cheese dog” lady, and maybe best known to our audience for her excellent live tweeting of the Dutch MH17 murder trial case.

But the ASP was more than just the Karim Khan show, so we also talked to Alexandrah Bakker of Public International law policy group (PILPG). Alexandrah is a research associate and the editor in chief of their Lawyering Justice Blog. She followed the ASP closely and blogged daily (link) and talked to us about the other themes: the election of two deputy prosecutors, the budget and the prosecutor’s search for more cooperation from states.