Justice Update – Lockdown Podcast Recommendations

The Bronx Sisters tuning a radio (Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons)
Katherine Fortin

While we know you love our podcast, we imagine you also love other people’s. And seeing as it’s April 2020, and most of the world is in some form of restriction of movement because of COVID-19, we thought we’d explore and share with you a variety of podcasts to while away the hours.

To help us along, we invited (at a safe social distance by Skype) Katharine Fortin, lecturer in human rights & international humanitarian law in Utrecht, who wrote a great podcast post, to tell us what she’s been listening to.

Janet is curiously obsessed by the dry and sardonic tones of Yale professor, Scott J Shapiro giving a version of his book and his lectures on analytical jurisprudence, via a podcast. She also likes Thijs Bouwknegt and Anne van Mourik English/Dutch Rewind/Onzekere Tijden featuring in-depth single historian interviews.

Katherines goes for Intercross – a “must-listen” she says in her blogpost, for conversations about IHL, protection of civilians and situations of crisis around the world. She also introduces us to a new one – My Mother’s Murder, which is a 4 -parter on the murder of Maltese investigative journalist Daphne Galizia.

Stephanie chooses The Other Latif by Radiolab’s Latif Nasser (also a Katharine pick), who discovered that he shares his name with a detainee at Guantanamo Bay. And she recommends a non-legal one – The Memory Palace – which starts with amazing short ‘stories to was your hands by’.