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Justice Update – The Heat is On

From July 1 member states of the International Criminal Court (ICC) can nominate their candidate for the next prosecutor. But, this time they have a small candidate list of carefully selected, legally competent, pre-vetted, persons from which to chose.

But there are no ‘big shots’ on the 4 person list prepared by the – newfangled – Committee on the Election of the Prosecutor. Its chair, Sabine Nolke (previously to be heard here), has come on the show to explain their process, which valued on competency over experience.

She says these are indeed the best possible people in what she calls ‘a shallow pool’ of relevant talent to take on the highest profile job in international criminal justice.

We also asked her about the importance of the “high moral character” and the lobby of NGO’s that we spoke about in our Episode 26 chat with Danya Chaikel, Diane Marie Amann and Priya Pillai.


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