Justice Update – Ukraine: All Roads Lead to the Hague

This picture has been doing the rounds on Twitter of a Ukrainian traffic sign allegedly changed to show all roads going in direction The Hague, We could not find the original source for it or independently verify it

The Hague will be the focus for many people when it comes to accountability. At the International Court of Justice, Ukraine is asking for provisional measures against Russia – to stop the invasion – on the basis that Russia is misusing the genocide convention. Dr Melanie O’Brien of the University of Western Australia, fills us in on how that’s possible and some of the arguments we may hear in court.

Meanwhile the International Criminal Court has been given the job by 39 countries to investigate war crimes and crimes against humanity. We look back at what the court has been doing already and ask Nadia Volokova of the Ukraine Legal Advisory Group how cooperating with the Office of the Prosecutor of the ICC has been working in practice and how evidence-collection is going.

And beyond the Hague, we also talking about various other mechanisms for accountability, already happening or being discussed: the new proposed international tribunal for aggression being championed by Philippe Sands; national joint investigation teams and national prosecutions; the Human Rights Council setting up a commission of enquiry; and the ECHR applying provisional measures against Russia.

Melanie also mentioned two books about the French resistance: Justine Picardie’s Miss Dior and Sisters of the Resistance by Christine Wells