Justice Update – Winds of Change at the ICC

Janet and Angela Mudukuti

The names of the candidates to become deputy prosecutors of the International Criminal Court (ICC) are out. There are two lists of three candidates each; list A are all women, and list B are two men and one woman.

Last year there were big debates around the election of the prosecutor – about vetting process to assure that all candidates are of “highest moral character”. Check out our ‘The Prosecutor Files’ collection of podcasts here.

Angela Mudukuti joined us to discuss the process after writing for Opinio Juris on what she sees as the ‘ICC’s boys club problem’. Is this list going to fundamentally change that?

The election will take place at the Assembly of States Parties in December. But there are restrictions in place. So maybe this year is again just court officials and states. The big issue is always the budget. Again the court asking for a big increase after many years of zero growth and lots of efficiency saving. But that debate is against the backdrop of the explosive independent expert review with more than 300 suggested changes to court rules and procedure. Check out our podcasts here and here on what’s going on.

And we have a belated update on the judges’ pay row, that we talked about in one of our very early episodes.


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