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If you already have a podcast player you like, the easiest way to listen is to subscribe and have new episodes sent straight to your phone. All the major podcast services offer Asymmetrical Haircuts directly. If you’re using Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts or iTunes/Apple Podcasts, click on the appropriate button below and they’ll subscribe you.

If you use another podcast player and have an android device, try hitting ‘subscribe on Android’. Your installed podcast player should then offer you to subscribe to Asymmetrical Haircuts. If you don’t have a podcast player yet, that button will redirect you to a page that will help you choose one.

You can also hand feed Asymmetrical Haircuts to your favourite podcast player. In your app, look around for the option ‘add rss feed’ and copy/paste our address there. It’s

asymmetrical haircuts
asymmetrical haircuts

your international justice podcast

You can also listen to us through our website. In the find episodes section you find the haircuts player, which lets you choose any episode you want. Of course, you can also just click an episode and it will start playing through your web browser. You can freely download episodes to listen and share whenever you like. Just look for the download button in an episode on this website. We are also on SoundCloud if you prefer to listen there.

Listeners with shaky internet or who don’t want to max out their bandwidth can click here for smaller files with lower sound quality. And finally, there are transcripts of many episodes. You can find a list of available transcripts here.

having trouble?

We’re sad to hear there’s a problem. But not hearing about it would be far worse. So thank you very much for taking the time to tell us if listening to Asymmetrical Haircuts been a less than flawless experience. Please contact us through email or twitter and we’ll gladly help you out if we can.

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  1. With a difficulty in hearing, there should be accessible ways including subtitles or a transcript.

    1. Hi Kate, we do include transcripts of some episodes that are linked to on our how to listen page. We are planning to add more but we’re a very small operation. If there is an episode you are particularly interested in, let us know so we can prioritize it

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